Cell Ceilings

cell-ceilings-malaysiaCell systems create a clean plenum mask and offer easy access to lighting, ventilation systems, and sprinklers. We offer a versatile range of patterns, configurations, and colors that can all be used in combination with our Cell Frame ceilings.

Cell systems offer decorative, durable, and 100% accessible solutions for open ceilings to mask exposed structure and create a unique design statement. Lay-in panels are available in several standard cell sizes. Panels are framed with 1.5" high blades, eliminating the need for web covers, trim, or painted grid.

Custom Lock-in systems are also available, as well as other custom capabilities in open cell design. For assistance, please contact the Architectural Specialties Design Support Team.

Product Range:


40, 50/50E, T15, Unigrid, Linagrid/Swing Down, 22/50/CombiCell, U-Baffle